Human Trafficking & The Mexican Border

Human trafficking is a global crime issue operated by various criminal syndicates. Mexico’s proximity to the United States has made it a hotspot for this crime in North America. Let’s look into the dark world of human trafficking and how it impacts individuals, families, and communities. If you suspect human trafficking or think there’s a house full of illegal immigrants […]

Texas Law & Statutory Rape Offenses

The state of Texas has stringent laws on statutory rape and the minimum consent year for sex is 17 years. Therefore, if the victim is below 18 years, then they can’t give consent for sex. And if an older adult engages in sex with these minors, it’s considered statutory rape even if the victim consents to the act. In cases […]

Slaves of Lust: Texas; American Sex Trafficking Hub

A skilled Houston criminal defense lawyer will tell you that the state of Texas is a bustling place filled with plenty of illegal activity. Illegal immigration, drug trafficking, violent street crime and home invasions. These are among the most common types of crime in the state. However, Texas has another type of sinister connection to the underworld. This place is […]

About DWI Related Criminal Charges

Looking to know if you could be booked under a drunk driving offense in Houston? While State laws do differ, DWI and drunk driving laws remain largely the same across the States. For instance, you will be charged with misdemeanor in Harris County, and be charged with felony. DWI Records DWI is short for Driving While Intoxicated. A DWI is […]