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Kill the Killers!

Kill the Killers!

Criminal offenses run rampant in society and its important that we as adults take part in the molding of our children rather than allowing their programming by popular pop culture. I’ve seen many young people who could have turned out as productive adults make decisions that leave them living their lives in penal institutions. Once in jail, they can expect to be treated like slaves, and punished as they should be.

The Killer Youth

Their was this one young man named Cedric “Turk” Robinson who was jailed for killing a man execution style for money as result of orders from an East Houston Blood Gang Chief named Sylvanus Rene. For their murders, they should be put to death, but they will serve life sentences for their crimes on the damn of the taxpayer due to bleeding heart scoundrels with no moral understanding of the plight of victims.

I won’t waste anymore space on this site on those “wastes of good sex” so if you want to learn more about the criminal enterprise they were involved in feel free to search for their names using a search engine like Yahoo or Google.blood_gang_killer

The Sad Reality

Unfortunately, stories like those happen all too often in our cities and towns. Brutality at the hands of the youth and the Catholic Church is molesting children. That’s it. Society in a nutshell. I wouldn’t advocate a Holy Government for any reason, but I would advocate the government staying out of the way. Lets face it, the more Washington D.C. is involved in the operation of society the worse off society seems to get.

That’s all I had for this piece. I guess I had to blow of a little steam and share my opinion on the matter.