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Knowing Your Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Knowing Your Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

When looking for a criminal defense attorney to represent you, a loved one, or a family member on a federal case, the same common sense applies as if you were looking to hire a lawyer to represent you on a non-federal crime.

If you’re facing a grand jury indictment, or have already been indicted by a federal grand jury, you will want to be sure that any criminal defense lawyer you consider for representation on your case, has extensive experience fighting the United States Government in the court of law, and winning.

The Criminal Justice System & Federal Cases

There isn’t much of a difference in how the federal government operates its own criminal justice system when compared to the other states in the union. However, there are some areas in the federal criminal justice system that offer some deviation.

The most distinguished anomaly of the federal system, when juxtaposed against the States, is that federal prosecutors have the power of the Unites States government at their disposal when a local prosecutor could only wish to have the full support of his jurisdiction, which often isn’t the case.

Generally speaking, prosecuting lawyers from the Unites States Attorney’s Office tend be far smarter and educationally decorated in a fashion superior to their state and local counterparts. With that being a fact, providing a successful defense against federal allegations is far more challenging than in state cases.

Indigent Defense Lawyers For Federal Cases

After the landmark case of Gideon versus Wainwright, it is that law in these United States of America that the alleged criminal be provided defense counsel if they cannot afford to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent them at trial on their own.

This is especially important when it comes to federal cases.

The reason that hiring a federal justice attorney for criminal cases can be so expensive is because federal cases are harder to win. Also, one must consider the plight of the criminal defense attorney; they are going up against the most powerful and well resourced government in the world which is that of the United States.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that an indigent person is given a defense.

Investigations & Federal Crime Allegations

You will need to know if you are being viewed as a suspect, or a witness, if you are ever contacted by federal law enforcement officials with regard to a criminal case.

You’ll Want A Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

If this ever happens to you, you will want to make an immediate determination of whether or now you should hire a criminal defense lawyer because anything you say to federal investigators can be held against you in the court of law, or in some cases, your statements could be used as a basis to charge you with a federal criminal offense.

Don’t ever think the federal government would ever be noble, play fair, or consider your best interests and rights as you’ll be deadly wrong.Lady-Justice

This is one of the reasons that we recommend an immediate consultation with a federal criminal defense lawyer because you will need professional help and oversight during any encounter with federal law enforcement officials. This includes knowing when to enact your fifth amendment right against self incrimination, and knowing when to cooperate with federal investigators.

When looking for a criminal defense lawyer who provides legal representation for federally accused criminals in the federal court of law, you’ll be paying a hefty sum for legal representation so make damn sure the attorney you hire to represent you has a record of litigating federal cases, understands federal trial procedure or has someone on their legal team that does, has a firm grasp of the federal rules when it comes to criminal procedure, and who knows their craft when it comes to federal evidentiary rules.

If the lawyer you are looking at hiring doesn’t exclusively handle federal cases, then you should look for another lawyer that does, because when going up against the federal government the games, names, laws, and rules… change.

Knowing Your Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

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