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The Lawyer that Fights Frivolous Sex Crime Allegations

The Lawyer that Fights Frivolous Sex Crime Allegations

It’s not uncommon for a person to make false allegations of sexual assault on an innocent person. In Houston, TX, this is not an uncommon occurrence. If you’ve been unlucky enough to be a target of false allegations of sexual assault, possession of a child pornography, date rape, or another crime that can be deemed sexual in nature, you’ll need a defense lawyer.

The Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

Jack B. Carroll & Associates

Jack B. Carroll & Associates, led by Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll, is one of the most experienced law firms in Houston for cases like this. Even if you think you can be found guilty, Jack might be able to help you. When people look for a criminal defense attorney in Houston, they’ll usually call Jack or an equally qualified attorney. He’s Board Certified in Criminal Law per the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and he’s practice law continuously since 1991. If you need a good lawyer, call Jack.