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Tips For The Criminally Charged in Houston

Tips For The Criminally Charged in Houston

How to find a competent Houston criminal defense attorney

A review of the best practices one can use if they are charged with a criminal offense in Houston, Texas, and the subsequent steps that should be taken to hire a good criminal defense attorney.

Most people will cooperate with the arresting law enforcement officer up and until the point they’re in handcuffs. In this legal article we’ll take a look at what to do if you’re being detained by the police, what to do after you’re in police custody or “jail”, and how to find a criminal justice lawyer who can put up the best fight possible on your behalf in the court of law, and work to beat the case against you as alleged by the arresting officer.

Finding a decent, well known, trusted and time tested criminal defense attorney takes patience, skill, and a willingness to do some digging.

If this fits the overall description of yourself then you should have no problems finding a lawyer who can help you to come out on top of any legal situation you may find yourself in. Being able to find a good lawyer can come in handy for all types of legal matters up to and including federal criminal law, state felony law cases, as well as other areas of law as well.

Important things to know if you are arrested in the Houston, TX general area.

Being stopped, bothered, and harassed by law enforcement in the Houston area, or any other area for that matter, is likely not going to be a pleasant experience.

The first thing that happens is the police officer wants to ask you every question in the book as if you don’t have, or know about, your Constitutional right to silence by way of the 5th Amendment. It almost seems as if the police are trained in the art of getting you to tell on yourself, but that’s another matter for another discussion.

Cooperating with police doesn’t mean you answer every single question they have, it simply means you pull over, give them the legally required documents they may ask for, and not resist. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t, be taken to mean that you are their subject, thus acting in your own worse interest as it relates to overly cooperating with the arresting law enforcer.

A Houston Lawyer for Drug Charges

Not every criminal defense lawyer is cut out for drug cases. When looking for an attorney to represent you in court, make sure they are Board Certified

There are over 80,000 licensed attorneys practicing law in the State of Texas however, less than 10% of the lawyers accepting cases are Board Certified. When working with an attorney, its best to know that the lawyer you have in your corner is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as specialist when it comes to criminal law cases.

This alone will ensure that you have one of the best attorneys for the case, on your case.