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The Role of The Ambulance Chaser in Personal Injury Law

The Role of The Ambulance Chaser in Personal Injury Law

What you may hear as being commonly referred to as an ambulance chaser is in reality a highly skilled, and highly motivated, personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers are attorneys who engage in litigation behalf of their clients.

Personal injury lawyers mainly offer legal representation to people who have been injured, or the families of people who have been killed at no fault of their own. In fact, personal injury lawyers, or “PI” lawyers as they are often referred, mainly represent plaintiffs when there is a clearly identifiable responsible party for the events causing the need to file a lawsuit or legally pursue a claim.


Personal injury attorneys also represent people who have been psychologically damaged as well.

Normally, the defendant in personal injury trials are another person, an insurance company, a division of the government, civil wrongdoings, personal property damage, and more. In short, if you feel like you have been wronged by another party, and you can prove it, chances are you may have a case worth taking to trial.

A good personal injury attorney should have a number of responsibilities including ethical rules, the filing of legal complaints, the arguing of their client’s cases, and more.

Personal injury lawyers are highly educated as well meaning they have all been to at least two colleges and this may be in conjunction with, or in addition to law school.

When hiring a personal injury attorney be sure to ask them about their successes as well as their failures if any, and be sure to share with your attorney all the details about your claim, and why you feel the need to file a lawsuit.