Divorce Court: Thompson V. Padilla

Judge Lynn Toler oversees a made for TV divorce proceeding in which a marital situation ain’t working out right. Clearly filmed for theatrical purposes, this can be entertaining for people who like to find humor in other people’s problems.

Considering Divorce To End A Bad Marriage?

If you’re in a bad marriage then it’s important for you to understand that you don’t have to live a life of Hal for the sake of keeping a relationship together. The being in love is a beautiful thing, but once that love collapses all hell can break loose. If you’re suffering psychological abuse, have a husband or wife who […]

Do You Think Child Support Rules are Unfair To Dads?

When the governments get involved in your family, expect problems, unfairness, and the continued agenda of the destruction of the “man” to ensue. Aside from the agenda to destroy the “man” in us, we did get lucky enough to discover a video from Fox 25 Boston which highlights to unfairness in child support rules. Because Child Support Rules are biased […]