Security Guards Serve a Purpose

Security guards are all but taking over police work in New Orleans. We all know that major cities have had some serious hard times over the years. Being a socialist-democrat strongholds with a rather large and multicultural welfare states, public safety is at a premium making the need for security solutions front and center. For New Orleans, we found that […]

Cops Gone Wild: Domestic Terrorist Edition

Cops Gone Wild, The Domestic Terrorist Edition, appears to be a very interesting documentary which strongly scrutinizes police and how they handle the sheepish public. With the use of deadly force on the rise by so-called peace officers, it’s time for fresh look at the Second Amendment in addition to a strong emphasis on everyone being able to protect themselves. […]

Weakened Men Allow Tyranny To Thrive

Lately, in the United States of America, it appears that what some Muslims would call “the great Satan” has begun to bear down the realities of oppression on her minorities in the communities that it has oppressed via various economic, immigration, and social programs in addition to the exploitation of these people by all media sources, which they happen to […]