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Human Trafficking & The Mexican Border

Human Trafficking & The Mexican Border

Human trafficking is a global crime issue operated by various criminal syndicates. Mexico’s proximity to the United States has made it a hotspot for this crime in North America. Let’s look into the dark world of human trafficking and how it impacts individuals, families, and communities.

If you suspect human trafficking or think there’s a house full of illegal immigrants in your neighborhood, contact the authorities.

The harsh reality of sex trafficking

Recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring, or receiving a person for exploitation is known as human trafficking. Sex trafficking involves forcing people into sexual acts, which is a violation of their human rights. These people are forced into sex acts through fraud, force, or coercion.

Human trafficking is a booming business worldwide.

The International Labour Organization estimates there are 25 million victims of forced labor, and nearly 5 million are victims of sex trafficking. Human trafficking is a lucrative business that’s estimated to bring in billions of dollars annually. They say crime doesn’t pay, but I’d beg to differ.

Traffickers and drug cartels in Mexico help illegal immigrants enter the United States by smuggling them across the border, or in some cases, under the border. Then they profit by charging the victim hefty fees. Women and children are especially vulnerable to slavery because they are weak and defenseless. In addition, they may be forced into sexual servitude.

The Biden Border Effect

The US-Mexico border is a hotbed for criminal activity. Although there’s no shortage of crime on the border, we’re focused on human and drug trafficking. Since the election of Joe Biden in the United States, the border has become more porous as opposed to the security of the border under President Trump. The unprotected border has made it easier for criminal organizations to smuggle people, drugs, and weapons across. Border Patrol has even arrested suspected terrorists from the Middle East, Chinese agents, and other people that have ill will for the United States of America.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, approximately 6,000 to 20,000 females are trafficked across the Mexican border into the United States annually.

These criminal organizations, rouge states, and Mexican drug cartels use a range of tactics to get people across the border. They’ll use forged papers, concealed spaces in cars, and sometimes even subterranean passages like the ones found under the US-Mexico border. Subsequently, these people are coerced into providing services in brothels or public locations.

Human trafficking on the border impacts not only women and children, but men too. Men can be forced into physically demanding jobs like farming and building without receiving any compensation. These men are also indebted to the traffickers, making it difficult for them to escape the situation. The traffickers use various forms of leverage which is normally death or the killing of their family members back home.

Corruption & Human Trafficking

In the fight against sex trafficking on the Mexican border, corruption poses a significant hurdle. Corruption is rampant in Mexico and the American Democratic party, impacting all segments of society, including law enforcement agencies.

Due to political corruption on both sides of the border, traffickers don’t even have to outsmart law enforcement. As a result, many victims of sex trafficking don’t get justice, and their perpetrators continue to operate without punishment.

Public Awareness Will Help

Raising the public’s awareness about sex trafficking will help to put an end to these heinous crimes. Lots of folks are unaware of the extent of the problem and the impact illegal immigration and human trafficking has on their communities. We can educate people about the signs of sex trafficking and provide instructions on reporting suspected cases.

I’m not just talking about spreading awareness in the United States, but also in the nations where most of the victims originate. Potential victims need to know when they’re in danger which can be done through raising public interest and knowledge of the situation in all involved nations. As a society, I think we’re better off involving the community in the fight against both drug and human trafficking. Both sets of crimes are literally killing our society.

Such an awareness campaign will mean involving schools, churches, and other community organizations to raise awareness and provide support to victims. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is currently the resident in the White House. The man has shown no interest in addressing the problem on the border. If the United States government doesn’t secure the border, all efforts to fight human trafficking to the United States will probably fail.

It’s A Difficult Situation

Sex trafficking on the Mexican border to the United States is a complex issue that affects hundreds of thousands of people annually. Slave labor in the United States also destroys jobs and has other negative impacts on our society. The last thing we need is more MS-13 trash in our nation.

Remember, sex trafficking is a violation of human rights. We all have a responsibility to fight against it. This includes reporting suspected cases of trafficking and supporting organizations that provide services to victims.

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